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Do you ever start your day with your mind going in a hundred different directions? And then it’s like ten o’clock when you check the time and realize that you haven’t gotten anything done.  Yeah, me too.  You can change that with a morning routine. 

No, your mornings won’t be perfect.  You may have to adjust the tasks you include.  It will take practice but it will be worth it. Your morning routine will become a rhythm that you do without thinking.

What is a morning routine?

A morning routine is a predetermined set of tasks that you do each morning to get a jump start on the day. The great thing is that you can include whatever you want.

I learned about routines from the Fly Lady. She stresses the importance of getting up and “getting dressed to shoes.” I later took this morning routines course, and everything changed!

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5 Things a Morning Routine Will Help You Do:

Start your day with a focused mindset.

Going through the steps of your morning routine gets the important things out of the way so that they actually get done.

This would include things like:

  • getting dressed for the day
  • making your bed
  • starting a load of laundry
  • unloading the dishwasher
  • checking your calendar & to-do list

At the end of this routine, you are dressed and ready to leave in case something comes up. The dishwasher is unloaded and waiting for dirty breakfast and lunch dishes.  Your bed is made and laundry is started.

When your morning goes down the drain, the rest of the day usually follows it. A morning routine helps you take control of your day as soon as you wake up.

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Reduce decision fatigue.

Have you heard the term decision fatigue?  It’s when you have to make so many decisions that it wears you out.  The busier our lives get and the more responsibilities we take on, the more decisions we must make.  

Think for a minute how many decisions that you make in the first 30 mins of your morning.  You have to decide:  

  • wake up time
  • get out of bed time
  • weather conditions
  • clothing
  • hair and makeup
  • make bed or not
  • breakfast

Now think about each of the items on the list. How many decisions do you have to make on each one of them?

A morning routine becomes a rhythm. You don’t have to think about the next step. It starts with a great evening routine where you determine what you’re going to wear, eat, etc.

Make more progress on your annual goals.

How many of us make a big list of goals at the beginning of the year and then forget all about them.  Have you ever stopped to think about why that happens?

It’s because we don’t read them.  We don’t take them out and look at them. 

Putting them in front of you is the only way you’re going to remember what they are.  And then ask yourself this question- What can I do today to get me to where I want to be a year from now?

Or five years from now, ten years.  Whatever. Just do something! 

Add this practice to your morning routine, and you’ll see so much progress! Also, using a goal focused planner has helped grow my business more than any other tool I’ve used.

Set yourself up for a productive day.

Sure, it’s nice to have a pajama day once in a while.  Overall, pajamas days are not productive days. 

There is something about getting up and getting dressed, making up your bed, and starting a load of laundry that gives you a sense of accomplishment.  Quick wins make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Working from home is different than actually going to work.  If you were going to work, you would probably do all these things before you left your house.  What makes working from home any different. 

Taking the time to get dressed in something that makes you feel good and doing your hair and makeup will give you such a boost. You will look and feel professional.

Also, as a Christian, it’s important to me to have my morning quiet time (devotions, Bible study, etc.). If you’re not religious, you can substitute this time for personal development.

Reading just a few pages of a favorite development book gets me going!

Get out the door faster.

If you’re a work at home mom, it’s likely that you have kids that are school age. If you homeschool, you still need to start at a certain time.  If you have toddlers, having structure in your day is important.

Having a routine to get ready and get out the door is an advantage even if you have nowhere to go in the morning.  It will prevent you from being unprepared if you need to leave suddenly.

We’ve all had those moments where someone calls, and we need to leave and meet them somewhere.  If a child wakes up sick and needs to go to the doctor’s office, you’ll be able to go whenever they have an available appointment for you. 

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Creating a Morning Routine

Here’s my encouragement to you- the hard work that this will likely take to set up is worth it! If you incorporate your children into your routine, you may have some resistance. Don’t give up. Work through it. IT wall want to travel the path of least resistance. It’s just human nature.

You are worth it! The end result is worth it.

Your morning routine won’t look like everyone else’s. That’s ok.

Every task doesn’t have to be done in the same order every single day. If something is not working, drop it. If you need to do something else, add it.

Seasons change, routine change. Give a morning routine a chance. Don’t give up too soon. The benefits are worth it.

What is your morning routine like? Let me know in the comments!

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