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Want to start selling on ebay but don’t have a lot of space? Just because you don’t have a lot of space, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful at reselling. There are small items you can sell on ebay that can bring consistent profit. There are lots of things that sell well that are small enough for you to store several hundred items in a small space.

Here’s my disclaimer before we start: not everything in these categories is a good item to buy. You still need to do your own research about price and sell through rate. Trends and desirability change from year to year, but generally, these are good items to buy. I’ve given you categories rather than specific items to buy because of this very thing.

Also, the photos in this blog post are of items that I’ve sold in the past, but it doesn’t mean that they’re profitable today. They’re only here for examples. Do your research first.

You can sell these items on ebay, but you can also sell them other online selling platforms such as Mercari or Facebook Marketplace (especially if you are willing to ship the item.) If you start selling products on multiple marketplaces, you increase your chances of making more money.

This items are small and easy to store. They don’t take a lot of space. This can also cause a seller to become lazy. Make sure you keep your inventory organized. Otherwise, you may lose something small and not be able to find it when it sells.

7 small items you can sell on ebay for profit:


Remotes may not be the highest selling items on ebay, but I had no idea that remotes were so valuable until a friend messaged me on Facebook, sending me a listing from a local buy/ sell group. Someone was selling their entire reselling business, and they only sold remotes! I quickly contacted the man and bought all of his inventory for next to nothing.

It was hundred of remotes, and while I had to sort through lots of junk, I did find some gems.

There are two ways to test remotes. For regular electronics remotes, you can put in the necessary batteries and point them toward your cell phone camera (in selfie mode). If you see a red light, then it works. For car remotes or garage door openers, you’ll need a specific device.

Board Game Parts

Board game parts can be great sellers, but they are often slower selling items and may not sell for as much as other items you may source. However, it’s a great way to make money off an incomplete board game. When in doubt, part it out!

Some games may be worth more in parts than as a whole. If the parts are valuable, don’t worry about counting everything when you’re sourcing. If you can make up the cost by selling parts, you’re golden! Don’t waste time counting, move on to something else.

Video Games & Accessories

Video games are generally small and easy to source, and are some of the hottest items to sell on ebay . Some video games are mass produced and may not be desirable. Always check sell through rate when sourcing, and note the condition. If it’s a disk, is it scratched? Is the label in bad condition?

I’ve sold lots of video games and controllers over the years, and if they’re in decent condition, I never test them. Do what you’re comfortable with, but generally, they’ll work if all of the buttons/ joy sticks work. If you’re selling consoles, I’d definitely test them.

Overall, video game consoles, games, controllers, and accessories are easy to list and ship, and bring consistent sales. People will buy them any time of year.

In the last few months of the year, video game prices tend to rise because of the holidays. Be sure to reprice then as part of your Q4 strategy. You may need to do this again in the spring. Video games are one of the best things to sell on ebay, in my opinion, because they sell well all year round.


iPods may seem like outdated technology, but they’re not for some people. We all have those things that we’re comfortable with and don’t want to change. iPods are small, easy to store and list, and can bring consistent sales.

Be sure to check for passwords if you can before purchase. Broken iPods can still be valuable, so don’t pass on those.

Handheld Games

Handheld electronic games have done well for me in the past, and they’re still going strong. This may be another category that you’ve thought has gone the way of the dinosaurs, but it hasn’t! These can be based on card games like Skip Bo, Poker, Solitaire, or other games like Monopoly, Yahtzee, or Scrabble.

New in the box is package is best, but don’t discount it if it’s not. There are plenty of games that sell for between $50-75 or more, and you can generally buy them from $.50-1.00 at yard sales. Don’t forget other handheld games, like those made by Tiger. They’re easy to list, and easy to ship.

Belt Buckles

Again, depending on what’s on them, belt buckles can be very valuable.

Here’s some buckles to look out for :

  • rodeo championship
  • Harley davidson
  • turquoise
  • oil field
  • Disney

Point and Shoot Cameras

Both film and digital cameras of this variety can easily sell for $50-65 or more. Many people would think this is outdated technology, but there are still people who want them.

You can often find them, still in the original box, for $5 or less at garage sales.

There will be a few things you’ll want to check:

  • Do they have old, corroded or busted batteries in them?
  • If the camera uses a recharable battery, is it included and is there a charger?
  • Is the screen or the lens broken, cracked or scratched?

Bonus: Christmas Ornaments & Tree Toppers

As far as Christmas ornaments go, there are some that would think Hallmark first because it’s so iconic. And that is true. There are lots of valuable Hallmark ornaments, but there are also a lot of low dollar Hallmark ornaments too.

What may surprise you is that there are ornaments created specifically for stores like Target that sell for quite a bit of money. Don’t pass these up! Look up everything because you never know what may be valuable.

Lower value ornaments can also be sold in a lot to make it worth your while. Your research will tell you what you need to know.

Just because it is a Christmas item, that doesn’t mean it will only sell around December. Christmas items sell year round.

I try to keep a good mix of items in my ebay store. Having a varied price point means that lots of people can buy from you, no matter their budget. Finding ebay best sellers takes time, and research but it is doable for most people. Lots of small sales can definitely add up and help you achieve your reselling goals.

How to find best selling items

  1. Research, research, research. Look up sold items and study brands/ styles/ items.
  2. Think about odd or hard to find items from your childhood or elsewhere. Are there things that you wish you had? Look them up!
  3. Watch Reseller YouTube channels and learn from others.
  4. Switch up your sourcing locations. Try something new.

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