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Have you wanted to offer international shipping to your customers, but the thought of it is super intimidating? You know that you could expand your reach and expand your customer base, but it just seems so overwhelming that you don’t start? I’ve been there! It’s easy to get overwhelmed by something that you don’t know, but once you get started, it’s not hard at all. It’s easy to ship internationally with Pirate ship!

What is Pirate Ship Simple Export Rate?

Pirate Ship is a third party shipping company, but their website integrates with many ecommerce platforms like Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more! This means that they essentially pull your orders from your ecommerce platform to their website so that you can see a list of outstanding orders and print from there. You can also create shipping labels without this integration. I cannot speak for other platforms, but the tracking information is automatically uploaded to Ebay and Etsy after you finish purchasing it. They offer domestic and international shipping.

Simple export rate is their international shipping rate, and it’s super easy to use!

It’s the cheapest shipping rate for packages up to 4 lbs, and uses USPS First Class International Shipping.

This method of shipping is for packages with a maximum weight of 4 lbs, and a maximum length of 24″ in any dimension . The length + width + height combined can’t be more than 36″ total. Packaging can be any envelope, mailer or cardboard box. Nothing specific is required.

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Your package will go to a shipping warehouse, and then to your customer.

Here’s a comparison of Ebay’s international shipping rates and Pirate Ship’s simple export rate.

*Note: these are the rates at the time this blog post is being written. Please double check the current rates before adding them to your Ebay or Etsy listing.

Ebay International Shipping Rates

ebay international shipping rates table

Pirate Ship Simple Export Rate

pirate ship simple export rate table

As you can see, simple export rate is much cheaper in most cases, and can save your customer quite a bit of money.

Here are some of the benefits of simple export rate:

  • door-to-door tracking to 55 countries
  • automatic transmission of customs information
  • free shipping software
  • no monthly subscription fee
  • prints on a 4×6 label (no need for fancy customs forms)
  • discounted insurance
  • lower shipping costs for your buyers, resulting in more sales for you

How to get started with shipping internationally with Pirate Ship

To get started with Simple Export Rate, you’ll need to do the following steps:

Tips for Success with International Shipping

Double check the current shipping rate on Pirate Ship’s website. Shipping rates change all the time, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re charging your customer an accurate rate. Charging too little will result in an added expense for you.

Make sure to account for packing materials when you choose a rate. Again, not charging enough will cost you. Estimate what the packing materials will cost. You can stack a mailer or flat box on your postal scale plus the item. Unless you need lots of packing materials, you should be safe to round up to the next pound.

Package your item securely for a long distance travel route. Remember, this item may be going thousands of miles. You’ll want to make sure that the packaging is adequate. Having the item damaged in transit is only going to result in a refund and loss of the item.

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Common Questions/FAQ About Simple Export Rate

  • Does Pirate Ship have a mobile app?
    • A mobile app is not necessary because you can print directly from your phone’s browser.
  • How does Pirate Ship’s simple export rate work?
    • Pirate Ship charges a flat rate for international shipping. There’s one rate for Canada, and then one rate everywhere else. Size and weight limitations do apply. See details in the second section of this post.
  • Is Pirate Ship shipping legit?
  • How do I charge for international shipping on Ebay or Etsy but use Pirate Ship?
    • Just weigh your item before you list it (with estimated packing materials), and match the weight with the Pirate Ship simple export rate chart. Then you’ll be able to charge a flat rate for international shipping.
  • Does Pirate Ship really save money?
    • Yes, absolutely! Pirate Ship allows you to take advantage of cubic shipping rates for domestic shipping (you cannot access this on Ebay, Etsy, at the post office, etc). You can also save quite a bit on international shipping with simple export rate. See above table for examples.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Shipping Internationally With Pirate Ship

It’s easy to get started with Pirate Ship! Don’t let it intimidate you! You can make so many more sales by offering international shipping.

Cost is prohibitive for so many but simple export can make it affordable again. Forget the hassle of customs forms and print directly to a 4 x 6 label. It couldn’t be easier!

Do you ship internationally? Let me know in the comments below!

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