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Do you have a huge death pile and wish you could list faster on ebay because it feels like you’ll never get rid of it? I have felt like this so many times! You can’t sell it if it’s not listed, and yet listing is something that bogs us down!

I’m going to share with you some tips about creating the listings faster, but I’ll also share some tips that you might not have thought about.

These tips apply to any platform that you’re selling on, not just ebay. You can use these same methods for selling on Poshmark, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, or any other selling platform.

Divide your inventory into batches.

This is the fun step. You get to shop your own stash!

Go through your inventory and find 5 or 10 items, and set them aside. If you have a recent haul, you can divide it up into plastic bins or ikea bags to separate it by day. Then each day, go grab a bag and get to listing.

This will help you not be so overwhelmed. If you don’t have a place to put 5-7 bins, that’s totally ok! Just go cherry pick 5 or 10 items (or whatever your daily listing goal is), and work on it.

List “like” items.

While you’re grabbing items to list, only pull things that are in a similar category [all shoes, books, shirts, pants, etc.]. It’s just easier when you’re looking up items to make drafts or measuring them.

If you’re photographing the same type of item, you can really get into a rhythm. You can take a front, right side, left side, back, and bottom photo of most items without even thinking twice.

When choosing your like items, try to list the most profitable items first. This will help you recoup your costs quickly, and start making profit much sooner. The more money you tie up into inventory, the less you get to source and use your profits to do whatever it is you had planned to do with it.

Only do one process at a time.

When creating listings, you want to make sure that you’re not making the listings, photographing the item, and then adding the photo to the listing for each idividual item.

Doing the entire listing process for one item, and then starting all over with the second is going to waste time. Think of listing like working in a factory. Each factory worker has one job, and they do it over and over again. When you’re doing the same thing over and over again, you going to get better and faster than you were before.

If you’re someone who gets bored easily, just list or photograph 5 or 10 items at a time. This way you can go through each step quickly, and then change it up.

Streamline your photography process.

Taking photos of items to list on ebay or any other platform is something that I’ve changed up over the years. I currently photograph mostly on an Ikea table with an LED light nearby. I then edit my photos (quickly) with the PhotoRoom app. It’s not perfect, but it removes the backgrounds and replaces them with a solid white background. It makes my item look like a stock photo. It’s great!

If I need to photograph clothing, I hang them item on a hanger over the back of my bedroom door. It faces an open window. PhotoRoom removes the background, so you can’t tell where I’ve taken the photo. I’ve also used half mannequins, but I currently have no place to hang them. They help a lot with creating “shape” in shapeless garments like sweaters, but they’re not absolutely necessary.

Along with creating a dedicated photo space, your surface should also be at a comfortable height. If you find yourself bending over a table for long periods of time, you’re going to create back issues. This problem can be solved fairly inexpensively with a set of bed risers. They’re decided to make a bed higher, but most table legs will fit into them.

Declutter your workspace.

I am so guilty of having a messy workspace. My desk is usually covered in lots of random things! I do however, keep my photography space cleaned off, and if it’s not, I clear it before I start. If you have a table that’s open underneath, you can likely slide a couple of laundry baskets or plastic bins under it to hold items waiting to be listed or photographed.

Clutter creates chaos in our brains, and often, it makes the job seem ten times bigger or worse than it is. It can also be paralyzing. Ever had a big thing to do, and got so overwhelmed by it that you never started? I think we’ve all been there!

Use templates.

Ebay has a template feature that is really easy to use. It’s in a drop down in the description box. You can create multiple templates, and name them whatever you want. I use this feature because it helps me list faster on ebay.

If you’re not listing on ebay, you can also do the same thing elsewhere. Just create a Google Doc or Word Document for your templates, and then copy and paste them into the description. I don’t have to worry about this for other platforms because of my cross listing process, which I’ll explain later in this blog post.

Also, your descriptions don’t need to be super long. All you really need is the name and condition of your item, plus basic measurements (especially if you’re selling clothing). There’s no need to explain shipping or return policies, but you may want to include your handling time in case they didn’t see it elsewhere in the listing.

The bottom line is that most people are shopping on their phones, and are not going to take the time to read a huge description. You also don’t have to “sell” them on the item. If they’re looking for it on ebay, they already know what they want to purchase.

Use a timer.

Using a timer to list will help keep you focused on what you’re doing. Challenge yourself to see just how many listings you can do in a certain time period. I would suggest 30 minutes at a time. Take a 5 minute break when you get finished with 30 minutes of work, and then set the timer again.

Using a timer also makes you more aware that you have an allotted amount of time and not all day to get our work done. If you have an empty drawer, it will probably fill up with something. The same goes with our days.

Bonus Tip: Take advantage of the sell similar feature.

Finding the item you’re listing in the sold listings, and then choosing sold similar is one of the best listing shortcuts there is. Choose one with a great sold price. That way you know that the title is effective.

Also, ebay sees the sales history behind that listing and gives you a boost. You’re basically riding on the coattails of a good listings, and that will work in your favor. No more agonizing over titles and taking forever to make them.

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