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If you sell on sites like Ebay and Etsy, you know how expensive shipping can be expensive. I don’t know about you, but I often feel bad for the customer that they have to pay the rates that they do. I want to be as competitive with my shipping prices as I can, and so should you.

Using Pirate Ship shipping is a great way to save money on shipping and game more. I started using it several months ago, and I have saved a lot of money on shipping.

Shipping online sales can be expensive.

This is true on any platform you sell on. Because so many people have Amazon Prime these days, it’s easy to forget that not all online platforms can offer free 2-day shipping. Amazon has a special rates that they have negotiated but no one else has that kind of power.

Pricing shipping too high can drive away your customers. Many people do this because they are unaware of how shipping works, especially on platforms like ebay, and they don’t want to lose money. If your shipping rates are priced under what they should be, you could lose your entire profit or more. It doesn’t have to be this way!

5 Reasons to Use Pirate Ship Shipping for All of Your Online Sales

I use Pirate Ship to ship all of my ebay and Etsy sales, plus some of my Mercari sales. Here are the reasons why I think you should too!

1: Access to USPS cubic shipping rates.

Cubic rates are only available to high volume sellers moving 50,000 packages or more a year. With Pirate Ship, you can tap into that without being a huge operation.

Cubic rates are not calculated by weight. They are calculated by the size of the package. It is calculated this way: length x width x height / 1728. Packages over 18 inches do not qualify for cubic rates.

This works for both boxes and mailers (bubble mailers or poly mailers). You cannot use cube rates to ship tubes. If you enter a box size that qualifies for cubic rates, Pirate Ship will automatically select cubic rate for you.

2: Free integration with ebay, Etsy, Shopify,and more.

Pirate ship shipping integrates with many online selling platforms for free. Simply connect your accounts. Pirate Ship pulls all of the product information, addresses and more.

3: Extended customer base with international Simple Export Rate.

Pirate Ship offers something called Simple Export Rate, a cheaper way to ship internationally for packages up to 4 lbs. While I love Ebay’s Global Shipping Program, Simple Export Rate allows me to offer a savings to my buyers. The GSP can be terribly expensive, especially to those who live in Canada.

If you don’t want to ship to every country (I don’t), you can pick and choose which countries are excluded. Just offer a flat rate according to their shipping chart. Make sure to round up the next highest weight. For example, if your package weighs 2 lbs 7 oz, you need to charge the 3 lb rate. You can also use ebay’s calculated shipping, and keep any difference as a handling charge for packing materials.

The customs label prints directly on the label. It’s super easy!

Important note: To activate the Simple Export Rate, you will need to message Pirate Ship through the messaging system on their home page, and they will set it up for you.

4: More Mercari sales with cheaper shipping rates.

Mercari has the simplest shipping around, other than Poshmark. They are able to offer these rates because they are based on an average cost. This is great if your item weight is toward the higher end of the weight range. It’s not so great when it’s close to the lighter end.

Some of the weight ranges have a large gap, like the 3-11 lb range. If you use Mercari’s 3-11 lb postage for a 3 or 4 lb item, your buyer is going to have to pay too much. This may be off-putting for some buyers.

To make shipping costs more reasonable for your buyers, offer free shipping and add shipping to the item’s price.

To print labels for Mercari, just use the single label option instead of import. Copy your buyer’s information into the label. Copy and paste the tracking number into Mercari to confirm the shipment.

5: Multiple label sizes available.

No matter what printer you have, you can use Pirate Ship shipping. It will print with either a 4″ x 6″ label or an 8.5″ x 11″ half sheet label. You can switch back and forth between the two, if needed.

Some other great things you should know about Pirate Ship Shipping:

  • It FREE! You can’t beat that price!
  • You can now print UPS labels, and save lots! Often, the UPS price beats USPS Priority Mail by several dollars, especially on large packages.
  • You can store multiple Ship From addresses making it easy to print labels for multiple platforms if you have multiple store/shop names. I have one address stored for my ebay store, etsy shop/Mercari, and my own name & address for personal packages.
  • The interface is super easy to use.

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Update to the video: Media Mail postage can be purchased with Pirate Ship. Select it under the extra service section under weight and dimensions.

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    1. Congrats! Your website is beautiful! I would be aware of your shipping price to per item. Add your costs up, include every material you need (box, paper, label, etc.). Just make sure that your shipping costs are not sneaking up on you. You can always use free shipping boxes from the USPS, and purchase inexpensive polymailers for products are not fragile. My favorite shipping supplies are linked above under Other helpful information–>Best Ebay, Etsy & Mercari Shipping Supplies. Feel free to email me if you need more help.

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