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So maybe you want to start reselling.  You’ve thought about it.  There’s a lot of stuff lying around the house collecting dust that you could turn into money.

Or those awesome thrift store and estate sale finds… you could totally flip them and start your own side hustle.

But eBay, it’s too intimidating for a newbie.

Well, I’ve got great news for you!  There plenty of great places to sell your stuff other than eBay.  You can start a reselling business without selling on eBay.

Here are 7 great alternatives to eBay:


Amazon is one of the most well-known alternatives to ebay.  Many sellers use it in addition to ebay, or by itself.

They have a huge customer base that you can potentially access. 

Amazon has two main programs for sellers – Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Merchant Fulfilled.

Fulfillment by Amazon

This program is exactly what it sounds like. Amazon fulfills the orders for you.  You label and package items and send them to their warehouses.

They pick, pack and ship items from their warehouses to the customers. 


You can leverage Amazon’s employees and scale your business faster.  The only handling of the products is when you buy it and ship it. They do all the rest. 

This should result in a higher sales volume.  Your FBA items are eligible for Prime shipping because Amazon is shipping them.


Competition can be fierce, depending on the category.  There is a race to the bottom [price], unlike other platforms. 

Your buying cost can be more, and profit margins can be less.  Selling fees are also higher because you are paying employees to do the work for you.

Categories are limited to new sellers. Others can be nearly impossible to be approve

Click here to learn more about Amazon FBA.

Merchant Fulfilled

This program is similar to other online platforms in the fact that you list the items on their website.  The difference is that you are responsible to store and ship them to the customer.


You can access Amazon’s huge customer base.  New items can be merchant fulfilled, but so can used items.


These items will not be eligible for Prime shipping because they are not shipping from Amazon’s warehouse. 

The fees are still higher than other online platforms.

It’s not as easy to leverage because you are still doing all the work.  


Etsy is a wonderful place to sell handmade and vintage items as well as craft supplies.

Many of the items that you will source at a garage sale can be sold on Etsy.  It is a great alternative to ebay because the listing process is very similar. 

Cross-posting on both platforms is a great way to increase sales!


Etsy has a more boutique feel than ebay does. This often allows you to ask a higher price for your items.

The fees are so much cheaper! They are only 5%, half of what ebay’s fees are.

Even better, you can get 40 listings FREE when you open your shop. 40 items is a great number to start with. You will be making sales in no time.


The customer base is smaller than ebay’s. 

You will need to do some research on SEO for your titles. Titles and tags matter.  They can sink your visibility if not done correctly.

I love Etsy!  Click here get your 40 free listings! 

Want to make some extra cash by selling stuff that is lying around the house but you've tried ebay before, and just didn't get it. That's ok! Here are 7 alternatives to ebay that just might work for you! Make some extra money, start a small business and get out of debt! You can do it!


Poshmark is quickly becoming a great alternative to ebay when it comes to selling clothing.  It is an app-based sales platform for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories.

It is a social platform where you share your “closet” with your followers.  There are even Posh Parties every day to share your items to.


The customer base is large and growing by the day.

Listing is super easy.  Just take photos and fill in the details.  Listing is also free, no fees!

If shipping scares you on ebay, never fear! There are no shipping details to worry about on Poshmark.  The buyer is charged a flat fee.  All you have to do is print the label and ship the item.

Everything is shipped via USPS Priority Mail. This means that you can use free boxes and Tyvek mailers from the post office.  You will save so much money!


Poshmark’s cut is 20%.  Ouch! 

Before you give up on Poshmark, remember that you are not paying listing fees or ebay store fees.  Items typically sell for more money, so it balances out somewhat.

Succeeding on Poshmark requires you to share your items with your followers and to Poshmark parties (both of these are done within the app). You will also need to actively follow other sellers. 


Mercari is another super easy app to list on.  It’s a great place to see typical household items, much like an online garage sale but with better prices.

Buyers on Mercari are looking for something different than those on other platforms. I have found that items that I don’t expect to sell well on Mercari sell the best!

It’s more profitable to list “smalls” on Mercari because the listing process is much quicker than ebay and the fees are low.


Listing is really quick! Just snap a few photos, write a quick description, and choose the item’s weight.  It takes two minutes, literally!

You can choose USPS or FedEx or both, as a shipping option for your buyer.  They can pay for shipping or you can offer free shipping.  Weights fall into categories, no technical shipping choices here.

You can list as much as you want for free.  The selling fee is 10%.  Mercari tells you what your net profit will be before you list the item.


The buying audience is smaller than it is on other platforms.

There is no way to list multiple quantities of an item. You could indicate in your listing that you have, but there is no official way to change the quantity.

Buyers and sellers must rate each other before the funds are released to your Mercari account. You will then have to transfer the money to your bank account.  (You can also spend your money on Mercari from your balance.)

Click here to check it out and get $30.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has changed the way that you can sell something locally.  If you have large pieces of furniture, lots of clothing, etc., to sell, especially if you’re decluttering and making money to pay off debt, selling locally is the way to go.

Using the marketplace is a great way to have a garage sale without all the trouble.


It’s an easy place to flip items or sell from your declutter pile.

This works really well for items that you don’t want to ship.

You can post quickly and add to all of the garage sale groups that you are a member of, all at the same time.

Manage your item’s price and specifics, mark as sold and see all conversations related to your item.


You will have to meet people. This can be inconvenient because it takes time out of your day.

The price that you will get for your item on Facebook Marketplace may be less than what you will get on ebay. 

Want to make some extra cash by selling stuff that is lying around the house but you've tried ebay before, and just didn't get it. That's ok! Here are 7 alternatives to ebay that just might work for you! Make some extra money, start a small business and get out of debt! You can do it!

Antique Booth

A booth at an antique mall is a fun place to make extra cash.  It’s like the FBA of vintage items.  You can price your item and the mall employees do the rest.

Like Facebook Marketplace, it can be a great place to sell large pieces of furniture and anything else that you’d rather not ship.  You can even cross post your booth items on Facebook for greater exposure.


All you have to do is price your items and take them to the booth.  Someone else handles everything else.

A booth is a great place to unload leftover and low dollar items.  The “smalls” sell in a booth.  Higher volume is the way to go.


It can be a little time-consuming. You have to go at least once a week to bring new items.  Even if you don’t have new inventory to bring to your booth. 

There are lot of great places to sell things other than ebay. What are your favorite platforms to buy and sell on? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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Want to make some extra cash by selling stuff that is lying around the house but you've tried ebay before, and just didn't get it. That's ok! Here are 7 alternatives to ebay that just might work for you! Make some extra money, start a small business and get out of debt! You can do it!

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