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Are you tired of constantly searching for high-quality design assets every time you start a new project? Look no further, because, in my Creative Fabrica review, I’ve got you covered.

With their all-in-one subscription service, this online platform provides unlimited access to an enormous library of design resources that will help elevate your creative projects to the next level.

Creative Fabrica At A Glance

creative fabrica review

What is Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica is a digital marketplace for design assets, including fonts, graphics, templates, and more. It was founded in 2015 by two Dutch entrepreneurs who wanted to make it easier for creatives to find and use high-quality design resources without breaking the bank.

Since then, Creative Fabrica has grown to become one of the leading platforms in the industry, with over 1 million members and millions of design assets available.

The Benefits of a Creative Fabrica Subscription

One of the main advantages of having a Creative Fabrica subscription is the unlimited access to their vast library of design assets. As a subscriber, you can download as many resources as you need without any additional costs. This is especially helpful for those who often work on multiple projects and need a variety of design elements.

Another benefit of being a Creative Fabrica subscriber is the regular updates and new releases. The platform adds new assets every single day, ensuring that its library stays up-to-date with the latest design trends. With a subscription, you can always have access to the freshest and most relevant design resources to enhance your next project.

Creative Fabrica Features

Aside from their extensive library of design assets, Creative Fabrica also offers a variety of features that make the subscription even more worthwhile.

  • Smart Search: Finding the perfect design asset has never been easier. With their smart search function, you can filter results by category, file type, color, and more. This saves you time from scrolling through countless options and allows you to find what you need quickly.
  • Commercial License: All resources on Creative Fabrica come with a commercial license, meaning you can use them for personal or commercial projects without any limitations.
  • Print on Demand License: As the demand for print-on-demand services increases, Creative Fabrica also offers a special license for those who want to use their assets for these types of projects.
  • Unlimited Downloads: With a subscription, you have unlimited downloads, so you can download as many resources as you need without any restrictions.
  • Design Tools: In addition to design assets, Creative Fabrica also provides a range of design tools such as a mockup generator, color palette creator, and font identifier to assist with your design process.
  • Spark AI: One of the newest features on Creative Fabrica is Spark AI, an artificial intelligence tool that suggests fonts and graphics based on your uploaded design or image. This can be a helpful starting point for those who may not know exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Studio: Creative Fabrica’s Studio feature allows you to customize and personalize design assets directly on the platform, without needing any other software. This saves time and effort in editing and tweaking resources to fit your project’s needs.

You get a classes subscription, font subscription, graphics subscription, craft subscription, and more! You’ll also get access to all the rest like their ai tools (CF Spark), digital assets, other features with an all access subscription.

Creative Fabrica Pros and Cons

Like any other service, Creative Fabrica has its pros and cons. Here are some things to consider before deciding whether or not a subscription is right for you.


  • Cost-effective: A Creative Fabrica subscription starts at $29 per month, which is significantly cheaper than purchasing design assets individually.
  • High-quality resources: The platform prides itself on offering only high-quality design assets. You can be sure that whatever you download will be top-notch.
  • Regular updates: With new resources added daily, the platform stays current and relevant to your design needs.
  • User-friendly interface: The website is easy to navigate, and the search function makes it simple to find what you’re looking for.


  • Limited free resources: While Creative Fabrica does offer some free design assets, the majority of their premium resources require a subscription.
  • No refunds: Once you subscribe, there are no refunds. So if you’re unhappy with the service, you will not be able to get your money back.
  • Limited licensing after cancelation: You are not allowed to create new products with the design assets you’ve purchase if you cancel. You are allowed to work on current projects.

Why should you listen to me?

I have an active subscription to Creative Fabric and have for a while now. I’ve used it for literally everything. There are an abundance of Canva templates, pdfs, SVGs files, and just about anything else you can think of.

  • social media templates
  • ebook/ paid product templates
  • lead magnet templates
  • graphics
  • print-on-demand t-shirt designs
  • stock photos
  • MidJourney prompts

It’s a great resource to create designs for free and paid products for your customers, no matter what kind of business you have. It is my go-to for anything involving graphics and design.

Creative Fabrica Pricing

Creative Fabrica has an all-access pass to their entire library of design assets for just $29 per month or just $59.98 for an entire year! This subscription also includes access to all the features mentioned above, making it a cost-effective solution for any creative professional. They also frequently have sales on the all-access pass. Alternatively, you can opt for a single purchase of a specific design asset if you only need it for one project.

Creative Fabrica Alternatives

While Creative Fabrica is an industry leader, other design resource platforms offer similar services. Some of the top competitors include Creative Market and Pretty Bundles (formerly Pretty Graphik).

It’s always good to compare different options and pricing before deciding which platform best suits your needs.

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Who is Creative Fabrica best for?

Creative Fabrica is best for any creative professional, be it a graphic designer, marketer, blogger, or small business owner. It provides a diverse range of design assets and features that can enhance any project or brand.

With its affordable pricing and regular updates, Creative Fabrica is an excellent resource for those who need access to high-quality design elements without breaking the bank.

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creative fabrica review

Who should avoid Creative Fabrica?

While Creative Fabrica is a great resource for many, there are some who may not benefit from a subscription. These include individuals or businesses who have no need for design assets in their work and those who prefer to create their own designs from scratch.

Additionally, if you only require a few design assets for a one-time project, it may be more cost-effective to purchase them individually instead of investing in a subscription.

What do the different subscription plans include?

They provide five library items that are part of the all-access subscription plans: fonts, graphic embroidery, crafts, and classes for students.

During the purchase of a subscription, a green download button will be displayed.

How do artists make money on Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica operates on a royalty-based system, meaning that artists receive a percentage of each sale made from their design assets. This incentivizes creators to continuously add new and high-quality resources to the platform.

Additionally, Creative Fabrica offers an affiliate program for artists, where they can earn commissions by promoting the platform and driving sales through their unique referral link.

Overall, Creative Fabrica provides a great opportunity for artists to showcase their work and earn income from it.

Is Creative Fabrica legit?

Yes, Creative Fabrica is a legitimate and reputable platform for design assets. The company has been around since 2016 and has built a strong following of satisfied customers.

Is everything on Creative Fabrica commercial use?

Yes, all design assets on Creative Fabrica come with a commercial license, meaning you can use them for both personal and commercial projects. This is another advantage of using the platform as it eliminates any worries about copyright or licensing issues.

Some design assets include POD licenses so you can use them just as they are without modification.

Is a Creative Fabrica Subscription Worth It?

If you’re a designer, blogger, or marketer who frequently uses design elements in your work, then a Creative Fabrica subscription is definitely worth considering. With its affordable price and a vast library of design assets, it offers great value for your money.

Plus, their regular updates and additional features make it a reliable resource for all your creative needs.

So why not give it a try and see how Creative Fabrica can elevate your designs? Whether you are creating graphics for social media or designing a brand new website, Creative Fabrica has everything you need to bring your ideas to life.

Don’t waste any more time searching for design assets, and join the millions of satisfied subscribers on Creative Fabrica today!

Do you get unlimited downloads with Creative Fabrica?

Yes, with a Creative Fabrica subscription, you have unlimited downloads. This means you can download as many design assets as you need without any restrictions.

So whether you’re working on multiple projects or experimenting with different design styles, you won’t have to worry about running out of downloads.

This makes it a cost-effective solution for anyone in the creative industry.

My Creative Fabrica Review- Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Creative Fabrica offers an incredible service for all creatives looking to elevate their projects with high-quality design assets. With its affordable subscription, unlimited downloads, and additional features like Spark AI and Studio, it’s a one-stop shop for all your design needs.

creative fabrica review

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