Reselling coach Kayla- Build Your Business During Naptime

I specialize in helping moms figure out how to start and build an eCommerce business, while helping you eliminate overwhelm and obtain work/ life balance.

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The A-Z guide to a successful eCommerce business

Quality Inventory

Sourcing quality inventory with higher profit margins helps you make more money, faster.

One on One Coaching

One on one coaching can give you a fresh set of eyes to identify your weak areas and accelerate your strengths.

Efficient Workspace

An efficient workspace is a must! Being able to easily list new inventory and find sold inventory is essential to your success.

Productivity Plan

The plan is what brings everything together and keeps you from working and getting nowhere.

About the coaching

One on one coaching takes place in a virtual meeting space and focuses on your unique business.  Feel free to bring up any concerns and challenges so that we can work through them together.  Coaching can be as simple as a store review, or it can include hourly coaching.  The choice is yours.  Don’t get overwhelmed with worrying about what to fix or improve.  We can work through that together. 

Your life is more important than you may believe

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