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Disorganized inventory is the downfall of any reselling business. Can you related? Organizing your ebay inventory is super important if you want to sell, ship and repeat.

Often our spaces are so messy because we don’t have the right shelving and storage bins for the job. We use some random shelves that we got at a garage sale, and whatever bins we have lying around. This results in a crazy, chaotic mess that is hard to work in and not very pleasing to the eye.

Why is organizing reselling inventory so important?

When you can’t find the items that have sold, it can turn into a nightmare. You waste hours and sometimes days to find that item. Your customer will be unhappy, and your late shipping time will have a negative affect on your account. In come cases, you may never find the item and will have to cancel the sale. This also affects your account in a negative way.

More importantly though, when you are a mom who is working from home, your time is short. You don’t have time to waste time looking for something. You should be able to find your items within about 60 seconds.

Why does does our ebay inventory become so disorganized?

Our inventory is disorganized because we don’t have easy and functional organization systems. We piece something together from here and there, and it doesn’t go together well. Not purchasing the right systems from the beginning can lead to more frustration than anything.

And if buying multiple sets of shelving and bins is out the budget right now, I’m going to issue this challenge to you. Find something large that has been sitting around that you don’t use, and sell it locally on Facebook Marketplace or another local selling app. Look around to see what you can sell to fund your new organization project.

Matching shelving and bins is not only more functional, but it’s also more appealing to the eye. Your eye will see less clutter and more calm.

organizing ebay inventory

Best Products to Organize Ebay Inventory


Metal shelving will hold up longer and will withstand more weight than plastic. If you’re choosing plastic, I’d suggest going with bankers boxes and lightweight items. Metal shelves will withstand more weight and won’t bow.

Here are the two I’ve used the most:

*Note, my industrial shelving was purchased from a business that was closing, but these shelves from Sam’s Club are very similar. I have several of the shelves from the top link, and really like them.

Member’s Mark 5-Shelf Storage Rack

Gladiator Industrial Shelving Unit

Similar units on Amazon:

Whalen 5 Shelf Heavy Duty Steel Storage Unit

Ironton 4-Tier Industrial Shelving Rack

Vinyl Record Cube Unit

Rolling Shelving Units

6 Shelf Wire Shelving Unit

HCB 6-Tier Shelving Unit (heavy duty)

Seville Classics Bin Rack

Storage Boxes & Bins

With storage bins, it’s important to remember that it’s better to have straight sides. If you have slanted sides, the tops will rub together, and you’ll waste space on the sides where they slant in.

You can also nix the shelving, and just use heavy duty totes and stack them from the floor up. The unstacking and stacking get to be a pain after a while, but it can be done. You can also use the heavy duty totes with heavy duty shelves.

Commander 27 Gallon Heavy Duty Tote

Sterlite 56 Quart Clear Storage Bins

Bankers Boxes

24 Drawer Storage Unit

4″ x 24″ x 4 1/2″ Cardboard Storage Bins

12″ x 6″ x 4 1/2″ Cardboard Storage Bins

12″ Vinyl Record Storage Boxes

45 rpm Vinyl Record Storage Boxes

4 Row Trading Card Boxes

Akro-Mils Plastic Nesting Shelf Bins

Miscellaneous Supplies

Folding Table for Processing Inventory

3 Tier Rolling Cart for Pulling Inventory

Vinyl Record Inner Record Sleeves


Clear Jewelry Bags for Small Parts

Assorted Poly Bag Set

9″ x 12″ Poly Bags for Clothing Storage


Numbered Labels for Inventory

Large Labels for Bins

Clothing & Shoe Racks

Commercial Garment Z Rack

Z Rack with Add-On Rail

10 Tier Shoe Rack

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Organizing Your Inventory:

Organized inventory has some many benefits.

You can:

  • find items quicker
  • eliminate the frustration of searching for hours
  • get your items shipped and our the door faster
  • make a quarterly or annual inventory check an easy task
  • create a peaceful work environment

Hopefully the list above will help you find the solutions you’re looking for.

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