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How is it that the holidays seem to come faster and faster every year?  The last three months of the year, commonly known as Quarter 4 or Q4, are generally the busiest and most profitable months of the year.  If your summer sales are down, don’t lose heart.  This is the time of year to be focusing on Q4 so that you make this year your best one yet.  Your 4th quarter ebay sales can really boost your income and help you have a cash reserve for later when sales are slow.

While summer sales may be slow, I promise that if you will take the time to just put your head down and list items, you will see the rewards later on.  Sales will pick up in late August and September, and you will be ahead of everyone else with your newly expanded inventory.

Buy brand new and seasonal items to resell.

Take a second and think about what people are buying from October to December.  They are buying holiday decor and gifts. If you start working on your Q4 listings earlier in the year, you can also do well with things like scientific calculators and textbooks.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Holiday items to resell

  • Halloween decor
  • Halloween costumes
  • Thanksgiving decor
  • Christmas decor
  • New in box items
  • Vintage toys
  • Video game consoles & acessories

Seasonal items to resell

  • Textbooks
  • Scientific calculators
  • Coats & jackets
  • Winter sports equipment

You can find these items at garage sales, thrift stores, and even in retail stores.  Both Walmart and Target have a huge toy clearance at the end of the summer.  Toys will sell for higher prices closer to the holidays.  List them now at a slightly higher price and wait. You will have these toys when nobody else does, but you’ll to wait for the flooded market to stabilize. 

Don’t race to the bottom.

Only do this if you can afford to hold them for a little while.  This is not a good strategy if you are cash poor.

Stock up on shipping supplies.

This includes free supplies from the USPS and any supplies that you may want to order like bubble mailers, boxes, bubble wrap, etc.  

During the holiday season, getting free supplies from the post office can be challenging.  They are in high demand.

Start ordering a few extra here and there. By the time the holiday season picks up, you will be prepared.

Order the sizes that you use the most.  Evaluate your inventory and see what you have the most of.  This will tell you what you need to order.

Click here to see a list of all my favorite shipping supplies. 

Evaluate your current unlisted inventory.

Look around and see what you have on hand.  What do you have right now that will sell well in Q4?

This would be new in box items, retro games and toys, etc.  

Pull these items and list them now.  When the summer slump is over, you will have lots of great items for buyers to purchase.

List those death piles.

Now is the time to list those piles.  If you have stuff just sitting around, look at it like stacks of money.  Money is tied up in the inventory, and so are potential profits.

You can’t sell it if it’s not listed.

List like a mad person when it’s slow.  This will help you have a much bigger inventory when it starts to pick up.

Listing will help you have less clutter and more organization.

Prepare now for killer holiday sales on ebay and etsy! Use my easy tips to simplify the process.

Donate or clearance your stale inventory.

If you have inventory that won’t move before the holidays, run a sale.

Move it out and make room for the good stuff.

We all make poor buying decisions. It’s just a cost of running a business.

Some items are great when we buy them and then the market gets flooded. It happens.

Create a clearance [store] category in your ebay store to help your buyers find the deals faster.

If you can’t move it after a certain period of time, just donate it or have a big garage sale.

Clean out and organize your workspace.

Your 4th quarter ebay sales will pick up. You will have to list, pack and ship more.

Get your work space in order.  Get it cleaned up and organized.

You will be so much more productive!  

Don’t waste 30 minutes looking for an item.  Make sure that your inventory is labeled and organized in a way that will allow you to find it quickly.

List Christmas decor now, no matter the time of year.

Christmas sells year round.  Read that again. Christmas sells year round.

No matter what time of year you are reading this, you should be listing stuff.  Don’t hold back until closer to Christmas.

Christmas is the holiday that people spend the most money on.  There are people who are crazy about Christmas stuff. They will buy it any time of year.

Freshen up your ebay store.

If you are running sales or promotions, you can create a graphic with that promotion to use as your ebay store banner.  It’s easy to make them with free websites like Canva.

Reevaluate your store categories. Are there empty categories that you could delete?  Are some of the categories not relevant to your inventory now?  Do you need to create more specific categories than the ones that you have?

Set your 4th quarter ebay sales goals.

If your store or shop was open last year, analyze your sales and decide what worked for you and what did not.  From that information, set some sales goals and decide how you are going to achieve them.  

Can you use social media to get more traffic to your store?  Can you run sales on Ebay to attract buyers?  

Have you tried Ebay’s promoted listings?  I find that promoting all of my items at 2% brings me so many more sales.

Making $1,000 a month or more is very doable.

Brainstorm ideas and set deadlines.

After reading this blog post, what new ideas have you come up with that could help boost your sales this 4th quarter?

Brainstorm a list of ideas for inventory that you could buy and what items that you already have that you need to list.  Make yourself a to do list and get started.

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