The purpose of this blog is to encourage others.  My mission is to create a team spirit and atmosphere here, and that cannot be accomplished if there is a spirit of negativity among the comments.  Please keep that in mind when you are interacting in The eCommerce Mom community, whether that be in blog comments or on social media or otherwise.  We moms have a hard enough time trying to juggle everything on our plates.  Online forums should not be a place to tear each other down, we should be building each other up!

I am open to constructive criticism and/or questions that are tempered with an attitude of genuine interest or helpfulness and grace.  Please remember that the readers cannot assess the tone of voice that is intended in what you have written, and we are all from different walks of life.  Any comments using foul or overly critical language will be removed, as will any other comments that I deem inappropriate.  I love a good discussion, I just ask that you be respectful of others while having that discussion.